Christmas Gift Guide for Men

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

For me, the most difficult people to shop for at Christmas are the men (ahem, boys!). I see so many things in the shops that would be perfect for either a) a teenager, b) a toddler and c) immature lads but nothing for the grown ups! Fortunately the online stores are to the rescue with so many ideas for men with taste and who would rather some Monc Blanc than a racing car that would only see the light of day once or twice.
Who are the most difficult people you find to shop for are?
Thanks for reading!
Lucy xx

Alexander Wang X H&M

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Sports Bra: Alexander Wang x H&M
Like the ninny I am, in the rush to get my hands on the Alexander Wang x H&M collection I accidentally forgot to change  my shipping address to my current one - and had this ordered to my Parents' house! So I've had to wait till going home to visit to get my hands on it (and it was well worth the wait!).
Did you manage to get anything from the collection before it sold out?
Thanks for reading,
Lucy xx
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